Sunday, 23 August 2015

So Just Bust a Move with Taazagi Ka Dhamaka

              Ting Ting Ting Ting.... its 6 AM, the daily routine starts early morning, so dull and boring routine, get up from the bed, brush the teeth, prepare lunch box, wake up kids and make them ready for the school, prepare the breakfast, go to the gym, bring the vegetables, go to bath, guide the maid, clean the house, and start prepare for the lunch.... so on... So where I am ? why there is NO something extra ordinary, something dhamakedar happening to my boring daily life ? Why ?????? Hello God !!! Help me...

        and Dhentendannnn..... Whoooho.... and here comes something Fresh, Colgate MaxFresh.... Taazgi Ka Dhamaka... I can't stop myself grooving into the upbeat Music track

of Zatak Matak Zatak Matak.... Taazgi Ka Dhamaka ! Allu Arjun & Anushka Manchanda's peppy energising song made me to dance.... I am not a dancer... To tap on dance on #MaxFreshMove, you needn't to be a dancer... and no one can stop me dancing... My energy has been got back... feeling so lively and fresh. Dance not only keeps a person fit. But it also, keeps a person mind and soul happy and peacefully. The boredom of my monotonous life turn into Dhamakedar energetic moments. And I just love it....

Watch out my Solo dance on #MaxFreshMove

Watch out my Solo dance on #MaxFreshMove

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