Friday, 6 March 2015

Moment that filled you with Optimism and Hope for Future

Hello readers, this is my first blog for indiblogger. I have heard about indiblogger from my friends and read on net. I find it very interesting. a very good platform for bloggers. 

Today I am going to share a #lookup story with you hope it will help you to become positive and optimist in life. Its a story of my friend. He was born rich. his father's business was at high point. they have factory, office, big bungalow, personal cars of each family members, etc.... The perfect life. No worries and tension. This father had always like to invest in share markets. He had used to invest a lot in it. But one day the market had gone down and he lost most of his assets - factory, home, office, etc... Suddenly they fall down from top. It was the worst period of their life. My friend had came to me and describe all the things in detail. How and what happened to their family? I was also shock. It was really strange and unbelievable. But this is destiny. Anything can happen any time.

My friend and his father were totally broken down. They didn't know from where to start? The only one member in his family was quite calmed and stabled. She was his mother. I know her from my childhood. Really amazing lady. Always positive and optimist. She never complain or blame her husband (My friend's father) about his situation. But at the other side she completed give her supports to his husband and continuously motivate. 

Once there was a incident. I had gone to my friend's house after the big disaster happened with them. I saw his mother as smiling as before. There was nothing to serve in their home, but still she offers me sweet rice. That was the first moment that filled me with optimism and hope.

After that she always motivates my friend to work. But the father and son both are hope less. His mothers are excellent cook. She loves cooking. She then start tiffin services by her own. Initial for her its quite difficult to manage. But she never give up. Her tiffin services earns good amount of money. Now my friend and his father also joined her in her business. And soon they are planning to start a restaurant.

Really what a inspiring story. I have learned the biggest lesion of my life form this. Many times in past I was give up in small things but after this great story I just feel, that I was complete wrong. I should never give up and never lose hope. If you work hard then the success is yours only.

Hope all of you find it interesting.

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