Friday, 13 November 2015

My Grannies The Great Women of India

Yeah... They were Born before India got Independence, A nation yet to Develop and get freedom from Slavery, There were no Electricity, No Vehicles, No Taps, No Toilets, No Gas Burners, No Medication and Doctors, No Money, No environment for Girl educations and just Only Hard working like a Machine who is switch on working for 24 hours nonstop.

They are our Great Women of India, my " Grandmas " They were very Tough Women with true Qualities of immense inner strength and commendable courage, coupled with a resilience character and Strong will Power never give up, but to fight the Challenges of Life and come out a Winner.

They Carried Litres of Water from 4-5 Km on their head, washed clothes on river banks, Cooked on coal fire, Welcomed Guests with smiles, spend many years with 2-3 Sarees, Slept with starved stomach by feeding their children, Educated their kids the best she could, yet Survived with looking forward happily, They put on a brave front and strongly played all the responsibility of sustaining and Supporting the Family single handedly and managed every situation without showing no pain on their face. 

want to tell one incident about their greatness. There were always rush of relatives and community people to come to their village and stay at their home for better medical treatments. Once there were some guests came all of sudden at dinner time, that time no telephones for communications. And there was no extra food in home to prepare for the guests. My grand father and grand mother feed the guests with love and care. guests asked to join dinner with them, but they refused by saying, we are having fast today. And there were many days such in their life.     

I have such a Golden moment of my life with my both grannies, ( my dad's mother and my mom's mother ), They meant the world to me. I love them so much. I am so attached to her. Apart from, I still teach my kids the stories which I used to listen laying my head in the lap of my grandmas, pampering her fingers in my hair with her kind words, all moral values, advice and their experience is always so inspiring for me. the most unforgettable time of my childhood. The life lessons she passed on has helped me become the person I've become and whatever lessons I've learned to them I will share it also to my children. I wish God to give them long and healthy life as I can't loose her. Now when I am married and far away from them, I really miss them lots. A True SUPERWOMEN, a Big Bundle of Inspiration, Truly they are #MadeOfGreat