Sunday, 23 August 2015

My Little Champs Grooving into the Taazagi Ka Dhamaka

                  My Inspiration are always my Kids, My Daugher asked me Mumma, what's this about new Colgate MaxFresh ? I told why don't you check it out dear... and she saw Allu Arjun & Anushka Manchanda's peppy energising song on TV and start dancing in front of TV with this upbeat Music track of Taazagi Ka Dhamaka ! And what else ? I downloaded this track and my Gymnastic champ began tapping her feet with #MaxFreshMove. Since the lyrics & the energy of the song is so mind blowing and her dancing with all Zatak Matak Zatak Matak Dhamaka, my younger son and his cousins also joined with her and danced so enthusiastically in their own style. It was so surprising that his two years old cousin also joined and showed his cute lovely moves of #MaxFreshMove with full style and energy. Kids really don't need any prop to engage themselves, they find entertainment on their way, by themselves only. Holding pack of Colgate MaxFresh and dancing freely made them so much engaging and enjoying.  

   Colgate always have been innovative and bring something new and superior always. And My Daughter is a Colgate Girl, 6 years back, her beautiful smile has been chosen as one of the Top smiles across India. So Colgate is special for her always.

Check out Little Dances grooving into the Beats of #MaxFreshMove


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