Monday, 10 August 2015

Magic Begins with #ColgateMagicalStories


In an age of digital technology where communication happens at the click of button or key, 
Essentially certain emotions are universal. So are stories. We all get hooked to television, technology and social-networking sites. But stories are wonderful ways to boost creativity and help imagination soar. And what if kids are given to create stories on themselves with some characters and things. 

When I handed these Colgate Magical Stories packs and told there is some magical, some surprises inside the packs to my both kids, their excitement was at a peak. Soon they explored a castle, some characters, trees etc Immediately they decided to built their own Kingdom and create a story. They also dressed up like Royal family and involved in story. the cut the shapes, collected some Sand, Colours, Papers, pencils, cotton etc and set up their kingdom and their creative juices flowing.

Colgate gave an opportunity to think outside the box and unleash my kids creativity and having their head filled with ideas.
Not video games or watching TV but to be able to entertain themselves effectively because it made them think. 

                                                     Thank you Colgate

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